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How to Do Facial At Home with Natural Ingredients

How to Do Facial At Home with Natural Ingredients

A facial is a procedure that involves a number of skin treatments. These skin treatments vary in each type of facial but generally they include steam, facial masks, creams and massage. Facials are mostly performed in beauty salons for the purpose of maintaining the health of the skin.
It is always preferable to get the facial done by a professional. However, an expert charges a lot of money for doing a facial which may become a burden on your monthly budget. Moreover, face mask products are also very expensive in the market. If you know how to do facial at home with natural ingredient, you will not only be able to do a basic facial at home, but will also be able to save a reasonable amount of money on buying expensive face mask products.
Doing a facial at home involves the following simple steps:


Cleansing the skin is the first step in doing a facial. The process involves washing the face, ears and neck with the help of a cleanser so that the dirt or grime is removed from the skin. It is also necessary to remove makeup with the help of makeup remover.


This is done with the help of a facial scrub. With the help of fingers, the scrub is rubbed over the face in a circular manner. The areas around the nose and the forehead need special concentration. Extra rubbing should be carried out on the greasy areas of your face. Rinse the face thoroughly because the exfoliating scrub dries the skin.


Steaming can be carried out in many ways. The purpose of steaming is to clean the pores of the skin on the face that accumulate toxins and dirt. The heated steam dissolves the hardened dirt particles and drains them away. Free of the accumulated dust, the pores become more receptive to the ingredients applied to the skin in later stages of the facial process.

4-Applying a Facial Mask

A mask is applied to the whole face except the area around the eyes. The mask remains in place from about 10 to 20 minutes after which it is thoroughly rinsed.


A moisturizer is applied over the face, neck and other exposed areas.

How to do facial at home with natural ingredient?

If you want to save money on face mask products, your best option is to make face masks at home with the help of natural ingredients. Another advantage of making your own face mask is that you know exactly which ingredients you are using in the mask. Knowing the ingredients of your mask is imperative for making useful masks that compliment your particular skin type.
Natural ingredients are very popular due to their mildness. Moreover, they do not contain any harmful chemicals like synthetic cosmetic products. Before applying natural ingredients all over your face, it is advisable to perform a simple test. Put a tiny bit of the ingredient on the back of your hand and let it remain there for a short while. This is only to make sure that your skin is not allergic to that particular item.

Facial with Honey…

A face mask of honey is most suitable for dry skin types since it naturally moisturizes the skin. You may use any kind of honey, let it remain on the face for a few minutes, rinse with warm water, then dry with a towel. Extra-virin olive oil can also be used as a face mask for dry skin due to its moisturizing qualities.
You can also combine honey and olive oil to make a great facial mask. This can be done by mixing vinegar, olive oil and honey in almost equal proportions. The mask should be applied to the face for fifteen minutes and washed off with tepid water.

Facial with Plain Yogurt…

Plain yogurt is a natural skin toner. It can be used on any kind of skin regardless of its particular type. However, before applying it on your face, you must make sure that the yogurt is plain and does not contain any artificial flavors. Greek yogurt is also out of the question. Take suitable quantity of plain yogurt, apply it on your face in a thin layer letting it sit there for at least ten minutes. Wash and dry with towel.

Facial with Oatmeal…

The beautifying qualities of the oatmeal have been known for decades. In order to prepare an oatmeal facial mask, grind it for a few moments in a food processor. Add a little bit of water so that the grinned oatmeal becomes a paste. Apply the paste onto the face and let it remain there for at least ten minutes.
If you have ample time for this procedure, you can create an oatmeal infusion by adding a small amount of boiled water in a mixture of herbs and ground oatmeal. The mixture should be steeped, cooled and strained. Different kind of herbs can be used for different skin types. Mint and basil are generally suitable for any skin type. In addition to these two, you may also use thyme and rosemary. These are considered best for breakouts. Lemon and parsley are best for dry skin types. For oily skin, you may use yarrow and sage.

Facial with Flax seed…

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for maintaining health. They are found in flax seeds. Flax seed oil can be used for making a great facial mask. The process is very simple: mix two tablespoons of flax seeds and water in a bowl. After some time, the seeds will swell and the solution will begin to look like gel. Spread the gel all over the face and let it dry. Wash off the mask after a few minutes with tepid water.

Facial with Egg…

Egg white is anther very beneficial natural ingredient. Egg white can be whipped and applied to the face until it becomes dry. Clay has the quality of drawing impurities out f the skin. Mix the clay in the water so that it becomes a paste. Apply on the face making sure that the eyes are well protected. Rinse off the dried clay.
Knowing how to do facial at home with natural ingredients will not only allow you to save a good amount of your hard-earned money, it will also enable you to go through with the procedure at any time of your own convenience.
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