Thursday, 19 September 2013

Style Accessories for Men: Stand Out This Summer

 Style Accessories for Men: Stand Out This Summer
Before cringing at the word “accessorize” or feeling iffy at the thought of donning accessories, it would be worth clarifying that accessorizing is not reserved for gangsters, rappers, or pretty guys. Accessories give boost to an otherwise dull look, and can also come in handy this particular season of sun and sand. So, while prepping yourself for a yearly tan, take a quick look at this short list, to help you enlist the right gear.
The Essentials
Baseball caps are timeless and will always be a part of American culture; but if you are in need of something a lot less boyish, go for straw panama hats. They are light, airy, and offer effective protection against the sun. Not only that, panama hats can immediately add flourish to your ensemble.
These are a seasonal necessity, as the glare of the sun can be too much for the eyes in the summer. Shades come in a variety of styles and tints, ranging from practical and simple, to ostentatious and flashy. This year’s trend, however, is leaning towards angular frames, all the more suited to accentuating one’s masculine look.
Cross-body bags and messenger bags are great matches to slacks and brisk walks to working lunches; but not so, for surf-strutting board shorts and sunset strolls on the sand. On your first weekend away from the city, ditch your usual tote and try on a backpack. Explore leather and canvass ones with rejuvenated designs, for a trendy beach carry-all that suits you.
No longer mere tools of business, gadgets have increasingly been considered part of one’s fashion as well. Phablets and camera phones with patented colors and distinctive, edgy designs can also contribute to one’s collective look.
Handier, even, in the approaching summer season – less bulky than most point-and-shoot cameras, and with convenient features for immediate editing and uploading of images online. And with mobile camera resolution improving each year, toting a sleek camera phone has become more and more acceptable and attractive, in-season and out.
The above having been said, take time to break out of the mold this coming summer. Lounge in the sand, in flip-flops, t-shirt, and shorts; and stand out with accessories that highlight your sunny (or cool) personality.

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