Thursday, 19 September 2013

Men’s Wedding Cufflinks: It’s Wedding Season…

Men’s Wedding Cufflinks: It’s Wedding Season…
It’s wedding season and for men that means quite a few things: a new suit, matching shoes, a couple of ties and a fresh shirt or two. There’s one thing that bothers me though. How to find a decent pair of cufflinks that don’t make me look like I’m peacocking?
Cufflinks are so easy to get wrong
Now cufflinks are so easy to get wrong and I don’t think we’re helped out by major high street shops, they all seem to be full of the same tat. There’s the classic football lad yellow card – red card (my brother bought me a pair…), the gamblers dice, skull and crossbones for the rockers and in the States you can even get some bullet links fired from a Colt .45 or a 38 Special. There’s nothing worse than a sharp suit being spoiled by some garish cufflinks and cufflinks are so easily bling.
But why?
So, why are cufflinks so difficult to get right? Firstly, cufflinks are always in sharp contrast to the shirt and jacket sleeve because they are made of very different materials and usually colors. Secondly, by nature they stand out because the cuff is always physically visible.
Less is definitely more
Personally, I prefer the classy subdued option. If you’re short of cash after the numerous stag do’s, then have a look at the silk knot for an understated fashion statement, less is definitely more in this case. Silk Knot cufflinks are made from material tied into a Turks Head to form a buffer. You can find them everywhere but Thomas Pink on Jermyn Street London is a good place to start.
Boutique doesn’t always cost the earth
If you’ve got a bit of money to spend and want to stand out without making too much noise, then the internet has made boutique jewellers very accessible. I found some beautifully crafted and subtly designed pieces in Jewellery Shores, who stock boutique jewellery from around the world. Suit, shoes and cufflinks done, I’m now off to a dance class to brush up on my skills…

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