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Men Clothes: A Cut About The Rest – Which Trouser Type Is Best For

Men Clothes: A Cut About The Rest – Which Trouser Type Is Best For You
Choosing the trouser that is best for you can seem like a minefield! This post will break down the advantages (and, sometimes, the relative disadvantages) of the main trouser groups.
The jean is a classic trouser insofar it is so iconic and versatile. Nowadays, depending on the quality of the jean fabric and the cut and color, jeans can be seen as a quasi-formal trouser that showcase style instead of stuffiness. Another major advantage to jeans is their durability – hence why they’ve long been associated with the likes of cowboys and other outdoors types – and their ability to withstand staining and other such visual damage and dirt. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks to jeans: their relative rigidity and tightness make for a less comfortable trouser than some other types, and although some higher-quality jeans may be suitable for semi-formal occasions, the most common jean type most certainly is not.
Chinos for men are, however, a good compromise for those looking for a good business attire trouser. Lightweight and smart, they are comfortable enough not to seem too stuffy. And for those looking for a smart work trouser that can do well in more arduous physical locations – for wear, for example, in the Middle East – the chino will remain comfortable. Nowadays, chinos for men are available in different cuts: some will be suitable for wear with boots, for example, while the more classic chino is cut for smarter shoes. Colours are diverse, too, although the classic beige or off-white remain the favourites.
In recent times, manufacturers like Gap have seen high sales figures from a heavier kind of quasi-chino trouser: similar in smooth cut and texture, but thicker in material. This, in turn, presents fewer creases for the wearer, making them an ideal choice for the traveller – if you don’t have access to good or regular laundering facilities, a durable and crease-free trouser is an excellent companion!
On the subject of trousers that remain comfortable and functional in more arduous physical locations – for, essentially, quasi-military or outdoors pursuit-based activities – the cargo trouser is an excellent choice, if formal appeal or smartness are not your primary concerns. Cargo trousers are again lightweight and durable, and comfortable, with the major functional advantage of having numerous well-placed pockets and zippers.
For the summer holiday season, away from work and other such stresses, an aesthetically appealing trouser is the linen trouser. Incredibly lightweight and cool against the leg, the linen trouser looks great and offers the wearer a little more protection from the sun and from mosquitoes than a pair of shorts would do! Another bonus is, when it comes to travelling, the linen trouser is very easy to roll up into a small ball to save space in your suitcase.
Of course, the classic formal trouser remains the suit trouser, which remains largely unchanged over the years, despite its modern prevalence across many new color shades. The formal suit trouser has nonetheless been re-engineered in modern times to increase the waist’s elasticity – for reasons of comfort – and there is always the option to have the suit trouser (and the rest of the three-piece suit) tailor made, so the fit from the waist area downwards is perfectly cut to your body shape and leg dimensions.
Sophie Wiggins is a freelance fashion blogger and a shopping assistant in a clothes shop. She recommends Blue Inc for their great selection of chinos for men. Sophie can be found blogging about up and coming trends in Europe.

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