Monday, 16 September 2013

How to plan a Bridal shower

Marriage is a big change for many newly engaged bride. One increasingly popular way to celebrate the engagement of a friend is to throw a surprise bridal shower party with great bridal shower party favors.
Firstly, the host must decide if a surprise bridal shower party is appropriate for the bride to be. Generally, a surprise party is best hosted by someone who is close to the bride to be. This way, the host can be sure to invite all of the bride to be’s friends and family to the event, as well as suggest presents and plan activities.
A surprise bridal shower takes the burden of planning completely off of the newly engaged bride to be and is often a delightful surprise.
A surprise bridal shower is similar to any other kind of surprise party. Here are some tips to hosting a successful party:
1) Choosing a good date – Make sure you find a day that the newly engaged bride to be is available. To guarantee that availability, schedule something like dinner with the new bride to be on that day. Someone can actually take the new bride to be out to dinner while the host greets the guests as they arrive.
2) Sending out invitations – Have the invitations sent out at least a couple weeks ahead of time so that people can prepare. Also, be careful about sending out written invitations to people that the bride to be might visit regularly in case they see the invitation lying around. Many successful surprise party planners will inform the guests in person or over the phone.
3) Bridal registry – Have the new bride to be fill out a bridal registry at a form. This will make it easier for the guests to select the proper gifts. Close friends and family can also collaborate about gift ideas.
4) Bridal shower favors and decorations – Acquire themed decorations, bridal shower cakes, and any other items that you would normally purchase for a bridal shower. Bridal shower favors are also a nice way of saying thank you to the guests for attending.
5) Make sure that the guests park away from the house to deter suspicion from the bride to be. The party should also be held at a place that the bride to be normally goes to or would feel comfortable going to on a normal basis, like a close friend’s or relative’s house or even her own home.
6) Parties thrown in the morning or right after lunch (instead of in the evening) can also be a good way to catch the newly engaged bride to be off guard.
7) Have some events planned out right after everyone yells out “Surprise!”. A short congratulations speech from a friend or relative of the bride to be or some party games are just a couple of good ideas to ease the newly engaged bride into the party atmosphere.

And finally have fun celebrating this joyous event.
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