Thursday, 19 September 2013


If you normally wear a pair of flats or tennis shoes with your jeans, may we introduce you to something new…a look that we absolutely love?  Meet heels and jeans where there’s never a dull moment.  What’s beautiful about this stylish combo is that with so many types of heels and jeans you can upgrade or change your look in a way that is comfortable for you.  We have featured styles of heels that in our opinion look best with jeans. Let this gallery inspire you into greater denim chicness.
FLORAL HEELS: This look, jeans with floral heels, says these three words about you – girly. sweet. stylish. Open-toed with a cone heel, pointed toe with slim heel or wedge heels will “chic-erize” your look.
POINTED TOE HEELS:  Pointed Toe Heels look best with boot cut or skinny jeans. This signature look which started to trend only a few years ago makes you look upscale, confident and assured in where you are going.
HIGH HEEL SANDALS: Just because majority of your legs are covered doesn’t mean that your feet have to be. The versatility of high heel sandals will help you achieve different looks from fun and carefree to fashionably sassy and exciting.
WEDGE HEELS: Wedge Heels are so stylishly 70ish…remember Three’s Company… Charlie’s Angels…Mary Tyler Moore…need we say more? This retro heel, particularly sandals, looks great with a set of Capri jeans for a spring and summer get up. But the wedge isn’t all about the sandal. Closed-toed, suede, printed, tennis shoe, and patent wedge heels are just some of the looks that can accompany your style of jeans.
STILETTO HEELS: We rate Stileto high heel shoes and jeans to be the fiercest look of all. With a firm and sharp pointed heel, this heel and jean combination speaks volumes of confidence and assertiveness. Like the cone heel, see next style, we recommend a pair of skinnys, boyfriend jeans or any type that will draw attention to the shoe. It will no doubt attract a second look.
CONE HEELS: Not your traditional heels, the cone heel deserves attention so we recommend a pair of skinny or capri jeans. Like all heels, cone heels come in a variety of styles (suede, sandal, faux leather, etc.) and will certainly dress up your denim bottoms.

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