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What’s a bridal shower without the cake? The bridal shower cake is the sweet centerpiece of the bridal shower celebration. And often reflects the theme of the wedding, which can be tailored to a personal hobby of the bride. Between deciding the type of cake you want to serve, the bridal shower cake wording, and the theme, planning can be overwhelming. Here are some stress-free and helpful bridal shower cake ideas to help you during your party planning.

Theme: A bridal shower cake is an opportunity to be as creative or as classic as you want. However, choosing the appropriate theme that ties in with your party is important to make sure everything works together. Here are a few great theme cake examples to get inspiration from:
Lingerie Bridal Shower: Have your cake be in the shape of lingerie or have it look like lingerie is coming out of a box. It is a fun and flirty twist on a bridal shower cake.
Traditional: For a more traditional theme, have your cake reflect the theme colors of the wedding with lots of floral accents. This is a romantic looking cake that is timeless and elegant.

Bridal gown:
This is another fabulous bridal shower cake we absolutely love

Nigerian wedding cakes for bachellorette party

Bridal showers are a perfect opportunity to ‘shower’ the bride with so much love, best wishes and fabulous gifts. The tradition of bridal showers dates back to the sixteenth-century when a couple’s love was their only form of riches. To help them start a new life together, friends and family showered the couple with gifts, tips, advice etc.
These days, many bridal showers and engagement parties have a theme which is tied together with complementary invitations, decor, favors, and the custom bridal shower cakes. Bridal shower cake designs are usually a reflection of the bride’s individual qualities, so be sure to know what she likes if you are going to surprise her with a cake. When seeking bridal shower cake ideas, bear in mind her interests, her favourite colours, what makes her happy and perhaps any goals or dreams she may have.

Having a bridal shower cake gives some sort of general fabulosity to the entire bridal experience. The size of the cake will depend on the amount of guests that would be at the shower, though the complexity of the bridal shower cake decorations may depend on the budget allocated, as some designs can be expensive than others, so be sure not to break the bank.
Because the bridal shower is synonomous with bridal shower games, and showering the bride with gifts; it is also natural that bridal shower cakes are a little more playfuland fun than traditional wedding cakes.
For your inspiration and ideas, we have included unique and fun bridal shower cake pictures, that may serve as inspiration for those participating in the bridal shower or even the bride herself. Whatever your bridal shower cake ideas, make sure you have some fun because that’s the ultimate.

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