Friday, 23 August 2013

10 Things That Are Attractive About Girls and Guys With Glasses

   1. It’s fun to try and see if you can fog them up, like in cartoons.
2. The right pair of glasses instantly provides an intellectual air, even if you’ve never taken an AP course.
3. Fights are more fun/dramatic when they whip their glasses off in anger.
4. Glasses can say a lot about someone’s personality: Sometimes you can judge a person on the frames. (Thick, black lenses = hipster, small wire frames = sweetly nerdy, colored plastic lenses = creative.)
5. When you have sex, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your body because they probably can’t see too well without their glasses.
6. There is something charmingly, unwittingly sexy about someone who takes off their glasses and rubs the bridge of their nose, while thinking.
7. That moment when you reach up and take someone’s glasses off.
8. Likewise reaching for your glasses and squintingly slipping them on in the morning.
9. Glasses are great for dating: no asking a person for contact solution or keeping your contacts in glasses of water during unexpected hook-ups.
10. The whole Clark Kent/Sexy Librarian fantasy thing.

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